Instatus integration

Thanks to this you can automatically create and resolve incidents on your Instatus statuspage.

How to enable it

Go to our dashboard, click on edit monitor button, and then click on enable Instatus integration button and enter Instatus webhook URL for your component.

How to get your instatus webhook URL?

  1. Go to Instatus dashboard, click on your status page, under Monitoring, select Custom service (webhook)

  2. Copy your component's webhook URL

  3. Enable it on Pinglik Uptimer by clicking on button and entering this webhook URL


Once you have enabled this notification provider, don't regenerate webhook url on instatus dashboard or if you regenerate it, you need to Disable Instatus integration and enable it again with new webhook URL.

If you have deleted or renamed compoment on Instatus, you should disable Instatus integration or change webhook URL to prevent our system from making useless requests.

If request to your Instatus webhook URL has failed, our system may automatically disable notifications for you and you will need to enable it again on dashboard.

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